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Anonymous asked
my sister said yesterday at her college for combined passover/holy thursday the college put on a showing of 'the prince of egypt'

While I approve of any excuse to show the Prince of Egypt (I intensely love that movie), I’m not sure what it has to do with Holy Thursday?

art3mis-arch3r asked
If you dont mind me asking an imoetuous question, why is it that there is such a difference with what is kosher for passover between Ashkenazi and Sepahrdic/Mizrahi? And why do you have to adhere to one over the other?

I never mind these questions!

Centuries ago, Ashkenazi rabbis made a ruling that certain types of food - legumes, rice, corn - were similar enough to grains that they were like to cause confusion during Pesach about what is chametz and so decided to include them in foods impermissible to eat during Pesach. They’re called kitniyot.

Sefardi and Mizrahi rabbis never made that ruling and so to Sefardi and Mizrahi Jews, they are permissible to eat.

While both systems are considered to be equally in accordance with Jewish law, Ashkenazi Jews are supposed to follow the Ashkenazi ruling and other Jews are not.

Savory? In my experience, they only come in rubber flavor. Maybe it’s just that none of my relatives know how to make it.

My mom and her mom make it the best.


Steve Rogers says a witty one liner, but doesn’t have a plane to jump out of. He begins to sweat nervously as he did not plan for this.

Oh, yes, me too. But then we have gefilte fish and that nearly cancels it out.

Nah, dude, I love gefilte fish. Especially savory.

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They COULD have used a lower budget, but they didn’t :/ I think HBO could do alright with the right production team. Or maybe A&E or AMC, one of those.

If only it were an option.

they have a better deal with basically everything involving food.

Almost. There’s plenty of our food I love.