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veliseraptor asked
whenever Clint was driving Loki anywhere during the Avengers he'd put the country music station on because that's what he's into and Loki would invariably go "ugh" and turn it off after two minutes but Clint keeps trying cause he really thinks that his new best friend should appreciate country music properly

He keeps it up until Loki gives him a direct order not to, after which Clint switches Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson because pop country is technically a different genre, right?

hugintheraven asked
Have I mentioned recently that you and Lise are adorable together? Because you really, really are.

Awww, thanks!

Have I mentioned recently that you are an upstanding person of quality?

veliseraptor replied to your post: “Well, it’s the lovely, luscious, lively, and luminous Lise’s birthday!…”:
this is perfect and you are perfect and aaaaaaaah best girlfriend

Psh, you are.

Well, it’s the lovely, luscious, lively, and luminous Lise’s birthday! And you should all be jealous of her because you all wish you could be so wonderful and me, because I get to spend it with her and will take full advantage of her affections.

So how should we spend this day?

Well isn’t that just swell! And just what you wanted for your birthday, I know.

Applause applause to me for planning such fun!

And applause applause to to the lustrous, laudable, legendary, and (deeply, deeply) lovable Lise for being the dearest lady-love anyone could ever wish for.

(If they’re not wishing for someone like you, I hope they find bliss in their ignorance, the poor dears.)

I love you more than I know how to put to words.

You’ve reached 21 years and you deserve to celebrate for 21 more.

May you live till 120, my dear, dreamy, devious darling!

veliseraptor replied to your post: “veliseraptor replied to your post: So in the 1830’s, “it is well known…”:

You’ve been corrupted and THERE’S NO GOING BACK, you Teutonic beauty, you.

veliseraptor replied to your post: So in the 1830’s, “it is well known th…

you’re so sneaky though

I know, right? We can appear white.

All the better to misegenate and corrupt the pure white race


veliseraptor asked
I assumed at first that you were just pretending to be Steve Rogers but now I know that through some kind of comics twist you are actually Steve Rogers this I believe